Wild Elves (Also known as Kaelensian Elves) are,a name given to the elves that are born outside of Mersales on the continent of Egwyn. A large majority of them have slightly discolored, darker flecks of skin that resemble spots, all over their body. The most common place to find them is occupying the southwest edges of Egwyn's jungles, known as the Ashen Wetlands. Composed of swampy rivers thick with ash, theorized to be from Hyattr's destruction long ago, several tribes of Wild Elves make their home there, among the many insects, serpents and reptiles. This area of Egwyn is avoided by many Kaelensia because of the lack of resources, such as fresh water, the hot climate, the disease that is spread by the swamp-favoring insects, and so on. These factors do not seem to bother the Wild Elves, who are said to possess magic that purifies the water and heals the body of such ailments.


The Bornui are the most civilized tribe, many having bright gold hair, living near the edge of the wetlands. They sometimes venture to the main encampments of the beasts, seeking company or finding a common foe to hunt. Some elves fleeing Mersales find their way into the tribe, but often feel out of place amidst the spotted cousins. A rainbow colored plant grows in their tribal lands, and they often burn or smoke it, giving them what they believe are spiritual visions. Some believe the plants of the Dragonfield on Alstalsia came from this place.

The Redrayders are far more dangerous, and are why everyone on Egwyn knows not to venture into the swampy areas of the continent alone. Waiting in ambush within the murky ash water, they will attack whoever they please, taking whatever they like, even capturing stragglers as slaves. Fierce warriors, the slight reddish tint to the waters near their villages is said to be tainted with the blood of victims sacrificed to a goat-headed god; many from Egwyn believe this is not just rumor, but fact. Prolonged exposure can leave the hands, forearms, and forelegs of tribe members permanently stained a pale red.

The last of the three major tribes are the Eu Yan Li, who settle the furthest south. Raiders and slavers have feared them for ages, as they run down their enemies on the backs of giant crocodiles and charm snakes to fight for them. The Eu Yan Li are easily identified by a thick vertical fork in their ear, a common tribal marking and ritual made while young. They are reclusive but fierce defenders of their territory, and those sailing near their southern shore at night claim to hear the most beautiful songs coming from the sky and sea.


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