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Voidassassin.png Void Assassin
Type Promoted Class
Weapons Sword
Move 5

Str.png STR --
Wil.png WIL --
Cel.png CEL +2
Ski.png SKI +3
Def.png DEF --
Res.png RES +2
Vit.png VIT --
Luc.png LUC +1
Fai.png FAI --
Guil.png GUI --
Sanctity Symbol.png SAN --
Apt.png APT --

 Void Assassins are somewhat reckless users of the Void, an extra dimension that is used more safely by the Mage's Guild to transport people long distances in an instant. By using this poorly understood phenomenon, they can teleport short distances quickly, and enhance their deadly skills even further.

However, this comes with significant risk. Over time, such careless exposure to the Void's energies can cause a fatal condition known as Void Poisoning. But for some, the power is worth the price...

Additional Lore

- The presence of a Voidveil makes it a much less risky way to utilize void energy than just trying to channel it directly through your exposed body. Nullstone equipment may also help a little more to reduce the chance of something bad happening.

- Void Energy is not something that wants to stick around in our dimension, so trying to use it on physical objects for more than a brief period doesn't work. You can't create things like a "Void-bladed dagger", or "Void-charged batteries" or whatever. The energy will fade even if contained. The only reliable way to retain it is through a charged Voidveil, which can only be appended to a living being intently up-keeping it on their body through the use of Focus.

- Void Pollution is caused by using the large amount of void energy recklessly, hence why it's only caused by the likes of Black Bolt. It sticks around relative to the amount of energy used to create it. The pollution lasts anywhere from a few seconds to an hour. It might make whoever decides to stand by it feel sick or weak, but it's not deadly on its own. In regards to the environment, the pollution only truly affects it in large amounts, but may not quite destroy anything.

- The use of Void Energy may come with extremely random risks. Lucky people tend to outlive them, but the Void's nature is impossibly unpredictable, so even if it's a Void Assassin's first usage of void energy, it may get them Void Poisoning if they're unlucky enough.


  • They have a naturally very high chance to score critical hits when attacking from behind with Backstab.
  • They can annihilate people who doesn't have enough Evade/Defense and Critical Evade, literally 'erase' them from a fight.
  • Void Assassins, if main class, gain a lot of tools to deal effectively against Mages or enemies with heavy magic damage orientation, ranging from silences to having all magic damage taken reduced, due to your Voidveil.
  • Frayed Voidgates will become a devastating addition to your arsenal with enough Scaled RES (Dark ATK). Voidgates themselves have the capacity to turn a single projectile in a volley if done right, with Void Refraction.
  • A well-placed and lucky Black Bolt or Detogate can disturb the flow of a fight quite immensely, as the enemy will be randomly put in a square away or closer from you.
  • Enemies cannot hide their backs from you forever, as you can tactically displace them with Vanishing Strike to score a free Cutthroat.
  • They have the ability to instantly kill non-Boss/non-Player enemies with Eliminate, and permanently fear the enemy team.


  • Most the Void Assassin's brute damage comes from basic hits rather than skills or spells, so if your opponent can dodge or debuff your hit, it might not be 'fun' battle for you.
  • Void Assassins have to be moving constantly, seeking the enemy's blind spot (their back) for effective and 'brute' damage, and that may waste momentum.
  • They're usually fairly squishy for their absurd damage, and can't keep up with extended fights or enemies who can heal up.
  • Lots of skills require Daggers and they have lowest base damage of all weapons.
  • While Void Gates are useful, most enemies won't bother to stand beside one because of how deadly they are. Enemy Void Assassins can also utilize them as well.
  • Dark Resistance or Silence is guaranteed shutdown on the 'Void' part of Void Assassin.
  • Immobilize will make you useless.


Requires level 20+ Rogue Class.

  • Peruse the Mage's Guild teleportation while Rogue is your main class. (also you must be the one paying for it)
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