Verglas Verglas

Type Promoted Class
Weapons Fist
Move 5

Str STR +2
Wil WIL +2
Cel CEL +2
Ski SKI +2
Def DEF --
Res RES --
Vit VIT --
Luc LUC --
Fai FAI --
Guil GUI --
Sanctity Symbol SAN --
Apt APT --

Verglas are Martial Artists who trained rigorously under the harsh and cold landscapes of Hyoya, similar to Monks, but different due to their spiritual path inclined towards unforgiving cold as the only form of energy they need to channel through their bodies.

When necessary, they engage in combat with a variety of kick techniques, and can generate ice through a type of spirituality they learn during training. The most dangerous place to engage a Verglas is in the snow and ice, and a skilled Verglas can make that environment appear anywhere (albeit briefly).

Additional Lore

Having their order founded some hundred years ago, the Verglas are a group of martial artists that live in the bleak and unforgiving landscape of Hyoya. There, they train their bodies and minds, learning to endure the harsh environment and draw inspiration from those that also make their home in the snow.

Its founder, Yuyan Verglas, was a close friend of the original Hyoyain leader, and as such, the Hyoyain and Verglas work in harmony to protect Lordwain people from threats, often teaming up in pairs.

Yuyan lead the order into his old age, at which time he left the conclave and disappeared somewhere in the snowy wastes. However, he left behind well taught disciples, and so the style of the Verglas exists to this very day, taught in Hyoya's monasteries to about anybody who displays aptitude and the discipline for it.


  • Highly offensive class that relies on a variety of stats.
  • Three passives that give you really good offensive stat boosts, plus damage for your Verglas skills.
  • Able to nullify a target's Ice Resistance with Winter's Bite
  • Three different styles to choose from. And a class that's able to do both Physical Damage and Magic Damage on the same intensity.
  • Able to get some flat DEF and RES, and a free shield with Ice Point Guard.
  • They're cool.


  • Relies mostly on Ice based skills, a prepared opponent can stack Ice resistance to force the user to use Winter's Bite.
  • The FP consumption of this class is insane, and the damage may come out a little moderate for such consumption.
  • Always gives you the cold shoulder.


Requires level 20+ Martial Artist Class.

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