Native to the seas south of even Egwyn, the Theno are an aquatic race of humanoids with smooth skin and fin-like protrusions near their ears which aid in swimming. They spend most of their lives in the sea and on small islands, often spending the night resting on rocks and singing songs. Those sailing the southern shores of Egwyn can attest to hearing them as they pass through, and some have been foolish enough to crash their ships into the rocks looking for the source... though some believe the songs themselves are magical and drive men to do so unwillingly.

Thenos are a rare sight in most of the world. On Egwyn, they are sometimes seen ashore for whatever reason, either looking for food or to recover from wounds, and so on. However, they do sometimes, somehow, make it to places like Sigrogana, either by their own efforts, or unfortunate circumstances. Once upon a time, slavers would capture them and try to sell them as pets, citing their beautiful singing voice, but a captured Theno unable to swim is unhappy, and unhappy Thenos are less likely to sing songs that are pleasing to the ear. That said, one of the most popular dancers, Atlaua, was a Theno, but most people did not realize it, instead thinking her finny ears were just part of her act.

Thenos are capable users of galdr, meaning their songs naturally have magic imbedded within them. This allows them to influence enemies and allies with their voice in a limited fashion. The origin of the Theno is unknown, but it is believed they are similar in origin to Shaitans; shipwrecks and sailors who happen to find themself in the wrong place, becoming corrupted.

Further Information

Similar to Shaitans, Theno after been corrupted lose their memory.


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