Talents are perks and bonuses that characters can choose to invest their Talent points into. Players get a maximum of sixty-seven talent points with a specific trait, and with the maxed Legend Extension Knowledge, Elic Re. Without this trait or Knowledge, a total 60 points throughout the game that can be invested into these Talents with one point being gained per level. It is impossible to get all Talents and Subtalents up to maximum level.

Talents can have a certain amount of Subtalents in them, placing a Talent Point in a talent will allow you a amount of Subpoints to place within the many Subtalents of the chosen talent, a maximum of 5 or 10 points can be placed in a talent. Extra Subpoints in a talent cannot be refunded or used in another talent of similar category unless you reset and redistribute all available Talent Points. Talents can be pushed past their limits with the help of certain enchantments. The range of talents makes them useful to all characters.

Talents Points may be reset and redistributed by using a Fruit of Talentlessness.

There are six Categories for Talents available for players to explore and invest into.

(As of Oct 11 of 2017), Talents are being updated and are being redone on this wiki.







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