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List of Swords:
List of Swords:
* Black Xyston
* Bloody Fang
* Bloody Fang
* Braver Replica
* Braver Replica

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Swords are melee weapons that deal more damage than a spear, but less damage than an axe. They have a higher accuracy than an axe, but is outperformed in this regard by spears. They weigh more than a spear, but less than an axe.

Swords typically deal Slash damage, unless made of wood, in which case they deal Blunt damage.

Swords made of Dragon Remains deal damage pertaining to their element.

Swords are affected by Blade Expertise.

Classes that use swords

*Arbalests equip swords as a secondary weapon to their bows, and shoot them through the use of skills.

List of Swords:

  • Black Xyston
  • Bloody Fang
  • Braver Replica
  • Crystal Blade
  • Ensui **
  • Eresh
  • Excel Saber
  • Fuuma
  • Golgorth
  • Kirosh **
  • Kouenjin
  • Longsword *
  • Moonblade
  • Narcus **
  • Nelten *
  • River Sword
  • Setsuna **
  • Shine Sword
  • Spectre Sword
  • Swordfish Sword
  • Wo-Dao
  • Yukijin

*This sword can be crafted with wood, as well as ores.

**This sword is made of Dragon Remains.