Status Infliction is your chance to inflict a status effect on an enemy in battle. It is a percentage, calculated like so:

  • Skill*2 + Will + Other Modifiers = Status Infliction

Status Infliction is calculated before the Status Resistance is calculated during that skill or spell. The success calculation is done by simply subtracting enemy Status Resistance from your Status Infliction (up to a maximum of 100% and a minimum of 0%).

So for example, someone with 140% Status Infliction, against someone with 50% Status Resistance would have a total 90% chance of success on inflicting a status effect.

Modifiers to Infliction:

Other ways to increase Status Infliction include:

  • Whimsical, a sub-rank quirk from the Enchantation Talent.
  • Hexer's innate skill, Dark Invasion.
  • Using Blood Jewel prayer tool. The Blessing of Huggessoa increases Status Infliction by Prayer LV*2%.
  • Specific for the class itself, but using your Lantern Bearer spells on melee range increases the infliction chance by 15~25%.
  • Passives or Skills that grant you bonuses to WIL or SKI will always directly affect your Status Infliction.


A good side-note is to be aware that some skills or spells, often racials, use different or unique status infliction formulas. A good example being Poison Bite. So it is best to always check skill descriptions.

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