Stats in Sigrogana Legends 2 compose of twelve Attributes that can be modified every time a character levels up. Stats are affected by the characters race, class, equipment, and other enchantments and effects.

Every time a character levels up, players are allowed to redistribute 3 stat points for a stat of their choosing. A maximum of 210 stat points under default settings are allowed to be redistributed.


There are twelve core attributes in Sigrogana Legends, each affecting different aspects of the character in, and out of combat. Hitpoints, Focus Points and Experience Points are the vital base attributes of a character.

  • Strength - +1 Fire ATK, Max Battle Weight, and Max Encumberance per point.
  • Will - +5 Focus Points (FP) per point, +1 Skill Pool per 10 points, and +1 to all Elemental ATK per 4 points, in addition gives +1 HP per point
  • Skill - +1 Ice ATK, +2 Hit and 0.5 Crit per 1 point, and +1 Skill Pool per 5 Points.
  • Celerity - +1 Wind ATK and +2 Evade per 1 point. Each point modifies in which turn the player goes.
  • Defense - +1 Earth ATK and +1% Physical DEF per 1 point.
  • Resistance - +1 Dark ATK and +1% Magic DEF per 1 point.
  • Vitality - +1 Water ATK, +10 Hitpoints (HP), and +1 maximum Encumberance per 1 point.
  • Faith - +1 Light ATK, +3 Focus Point (FP) and +1 Critical Evasion per 1 point.
  • Luck - +1 Lightning ATK, +1% Hit, Evade, Critical, Critical Evade and the Item Drop Rate per 1.
  • Guile - +1 Acid ATK, +1 Flank, +1% Crit Dmg per 1 point and +1 Skill Pool per 5 points.
  • Sanctity - +1 Sound ATK, +2 Hitpoints and Focus Points and +1 to Elemental Resistance per 1 point.
  • Aptitude - +1 to all other stats per 6 points.

Stat Cap

There are limits to redistributing stats, known as the Stat Cap, in which the respective stat only reach +12 max to any given stat from the following sources (total):

  • Item Effects
  • Youkai Skills (including Affinity)
  • Status Effects which increase stats

For example, if the player were to have Mystic Affinity at Rank 5, and installed Carbuncle with 777 activated, the player would get 7 (from 777) + 5 (from Affinity) to all their stats, giving them a +12 bonus to them. If they had any item effects that also increased those stats, they would be ignored, as they've already hit the cap.

Note that this doesn't apply to Install's racial replacement effect, nor does it apply to any inate or passive class skills that increase those stats, nor do those stat increases count towards the cap.


HP Hit Points · FP Focus Points · XP Experience Points


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Res Resistance · Vit Vitality · Fai Faith · Luc Luck
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