Soldier Soldier

Type Base Class
Weapons Sword, Spear, Axe
Move 5

Str STR +2
Wil WIL --
Cel CEL --
Ski SKI +1
Def DEF --
Res RES --
Vit VIT +2
Luc LUC --
Fai FAI --
Guil GUI --
Sanctity Symbol SAN --
Apt APT --

Soldiers are protectors of the common folk. Traditionally trained in physical combat for the purpose of defense rather than killing, their goal is to protect lives rather than take them. Athletic enough to rush into the center of combat when needed and sturdy enough to take on the mightiest of blows, these qualities are what all true Soldiers strive for.


  • Soldiers have the largest variety of weapons than any base class.
  • As a soldier, you can strategically place yourself in harm's way with Charge and Bash to push enemies away from vulnerable party members and to put yourself in melee range quickly.
  • Fortitude and Tenacity can provide a large amount of durability for any main class when Soldier is taken as a sub.
  • Soldiers have quite solid auto-hitting skills, and can fight on pair with people (or monsters) who bet on Evade.


  • Your lack defensive measures against magic attacks, as one would expect from Soldiers.
  • Soldiers have very few ranged attacks, requiring you to be in a constant close range unless supplemented by a sub class.
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