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Game Information
Memories and corpses are all that remain of the Gods of Sigrogana. Despite its ancient name meaning 'the promised land', the war of Heaven's Contention ended with many subjects of mortal worship falling or fleeing, with only the races they blessed and the legends they made remaining eternal.
Yet, the legend of some of these Gods doesn't end with their death; causality leaves its mark not only on the mortal races' today, but its tomorrow as well.
Sigrogana Legend 2 is a multiplayer RPG with an emphasis on roleplaying. It takes place in a fantasy setting that is unique to it. If you like RPGs or RPing, come on in!

Archer Archer
Arbalest Arbalest · MagicGunner Magic Gunner · Ranger Ranger
Curate Curate
Lanternbearer Lantern Bearer · Priest Priest · Aquamancer Aquamancer
Duelist Duelist
Ghost Ghost · Kensei Kensei · Firebird Firebird
Mage Mage
Evoker Evoker · Hexer Icon Hexer · RuneMagician Rune Magician · Ruler Icon Ruler
Bard Bard
Dancer Dancer · Performer Performer · DarkBardDark Bard
Martialartist Martial Artist
Monk Monk · Verglas Verglas · Boxer Boxer
Rogue Rogue
Engineer Engineer · Voidassassin Void Assassin · Spellthief Spellthief
Soldier Soldier
Blackknight Black Knight · Tactician Tactician · Demon hunter Demon Hunter
Summoner Summoner
GrandSummoner Grand Summoner · Bonder Bonder · ShapeShifter Shapeshifter
Imperialist · Chataran · Karatynn · Onigan · Tannite · Lispoolian · Hyoyan · Alstalsian · Dormehan · Telegradian · Geladynian · Meiaquarise · Duyuein
Umbral · Shaitan · Oracle · Papilion · Theno
Glykin · Wyverntouched · Hyattr · Naga
Salamandra · Amalgama · Chimera
Lupine · Corbie · Phenex · Felidae · Grimalkin · Leporidae · Heron · Muridae

Vampire · Elf · Wild Elf · Zeran · Lich · Reaper · Apertaurus
Mechanation · Redtail · Doriad · Dullahan · Omina

HP Hit Points · FP Focus Points
XP Experience Points


Str Strength · Wil Will · Ski Skill · Cel Celerity
Def Defense · Res Resistance · Vit Vitality
Fai Faith · Luc Luck · Guil Guile
Sanctity Symbol Sanctity · Apt Aptitude

Combat Mechanics
Damage vs. Protection
Hit vs. Evade
Critical vs. Critical Evade
Status Infliction vs. Status Resistance
Attack Range

Move · Momentum · Critical hit · Incapacitation · Round · Battle Weight · Keyboard Shortcuts · Talents