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Sigrogana (Officially known as the Sigroganan Empire) is the largest and one of the most powerful Empires in the realm of mortals. The Empire spans 98% of the entire continent of Sigrogana save for a few outerlying islands, making it one of the two only nations spanning their entire continent. Sigrogana is ruled by Emperor Elial S. Erachial.

The general economic system that all of Sigrogana follows is feudalistic.

Cellsvich is the main capital of the Empire and the largest city in Sigrogana,

Other cities and locations in the empire include:

  • Beldam, an Imperial Outpost located north-east of Cellsvich.
  • Fort Arjav, an Imperial Keep which also serve as a prison for some of the Empire's most deadliest criminals, located west of Cellsvich.
  • Tannis, a village located east of the Badlands Arena.
  • Dormeho, one of the Empire's important shipping towns located far south of Sigrogana.
  • Voilegard, a small village located in a forest across the bridge west of the Badlands Arena.
  • Doraington, a small town that is located east of the forest in Sigrogana.
  • Mallus, an abandoned castle-city that is located east of Dormeho.

There is also a notably large forest between Cellsvich and the other southern towns of the Empire. The center of the continent is known as the Badlands. The Badlands Arena, a large arena that is dedicated to testing warriors mettle is located here.

The unity between the towns and the Emperor, shows the strong loyalty that the subjects of the Empire have. The size, power, and leadership of the nation has earned it a place of respect among most of its neighbors, even Oniga, despite a bloody history between the two. With the end of the Oniga Sigrogana War, Sigrogana sits in relative peace with the other mortal societies.

Below the ground of Sigrogana is a blood vessel-like system of Nairyf's very own magma-like blood. There are a few times where the moving of this blood has caused fissures and other hazards of the like to appear on the surface of the land. This blood also powers the system called the "Salamander Structure".

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