The Shaitan are a race surrounded by rumors and fear. One says that those who enter The Dark Zones (places on the world which have yet to be explored, often due to terrifying conditions surrounding them) have two fates; one is to die. The other, those who return, return as Shaitans. They are so exceedingly uncommon in every day life that the Imperial Nation often states that they do not exist, and take reports of them as pranks or something other than what they are.

However, the Shaitan do exist, and legends are not without their truths... The Shaitan are corrupted individuals, mutated by some unknown force. However, one must seek out these 'forces' or stumble into their domains, and indeed, those returning from the Dark Zones are never the same...

The most common sort of feature for Shaitan is that their hands are covered by some sort of black carapace, and they grow claws in their place. This black carapace, which spreads out like some sort of gigantic lizard scale, also wraps around the neck and down the back of the affected to varying degree (some mutations are less severe than others). The carapace is extremely thick and hard, acting somewhat as protection; as well, it only seems to spread along the back of the Shaitan. The face and front torso are entirely left out, so whatever the Shaitan are meant to represent, it feels vaguely like a reptile or insect, with a tough shell and soft underbelly.

Psyche of all but the minorly affected is warped dramatically, and of those who mutate, forgetting everything about your identity essentially comes with the bargain. Whatever came into the Dark Zone, isn't what comes out.

Further Information

A Shaitan's carapace cannot be removed from their skin; one could say it's like a mutation. In the case that their carapace is ripped off, it will grow back over time.


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