Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki

If you're looking for the in-game rules, please click here.

General Wiki Rules[]

001: Don't vandalize the wiki, it does nothing but waste others time! How would you feel if people vandalized something -you- worked very hard on?[]

  • This includes removing a page that is not very useful-- put an archive on it, and leave it be, lost in a sea of pages!

002: Try to keep things a bit peaceful on the wiki, and if an argument or debate happens on a article or page, do notify one of your resident sysops/administrators. []

  • Flame Wars are a instant no-go! Don't do them!

003: Be careful with redirects, punishment is harder on those who do bad with redirects! []

  • Putting a redirect on a page that is completely irrelevant is stupid, and is punished!

004: And the general big one: "DON'T DO STUPID things"[]

  • This includes putting :3 all over a page, cat-people!