Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki
Rogue.png Rogue
Type Base Class
Weapons Sword, Gun
Move 6

Str.png STR --
Wil.png WIL --
Cel.png CEL +2
Ski.png SKI +1
Def.png DEF --
Res.png RES --
Vit.png VIT --
Luc.png LUC +2
Fai.png FAI --
Guil.png GUI --
Sanctity Symbol.png SAN --
Apt.png APT --

The Rogue can be many things, but if asked for a generalization anyone could answer 'thief'. However this does not limit it to just that, for that is just generalization. The kleptomaniac who has a keen interest in how to open things? A rogue. The headstrong ex-warrior whom favors stealth and somewhat-dirty-but-clever tactics in battle? A rogue. Interpretation is open to the mind.


  • Has the largest skill pool of any non-Will-based class due to the Resourceful skill. This makes them a good pairing with any other class.
  • Flank allows the Rogue to deal extra damage with good positioning.
  • The wind skills enhance the Rogue's odds of survival with boosts to Move, increased Evade, Pocket Sand to Blind, etc.


  • Rogues need to be careful; their defensive gimmicks do not benefit from DEF/RES as much as they do from CEL/GUI (In order to use Evasion, Southern Wind and Certain Traps to it's full potential), and that makes them quite fragile.
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