Reapers are a race of humanoids that come from near Lazarus, the maze of the spirits. Specifically, they reside in Darkside, a city carved into the walls outside of Lazarus. They resemble humans in many ways; however, they have a pair of white, bone-like horns extending from the sides of their head, a trait that has made them be confused for Zerans more than once. Reaper society is very unlike that of the outside world, with little in the way of politics and ambition, focusing more on maintaining the border between the living world and the underworld.

The few times Reapers wander into the outside world, it is often under the pretense of finding lost souls and guiding them to Lazarus. This isn't a traditional guiding, as souls will naturally feel drawn to Lazarus on their own once freed from mortal bodies. However, sometimes, strong feelings, like duty or resentment, can leave souls attached to objects or locations, becoming Manes, Remnants, or Earthbounds. It is these haunting souls that somehow resist the call of the underworld that the Reaper seeks to free.

As such, Reapers are bar none the most naturally inclined exorcists in the world of Sigrogana. The time spent in their homeland prepares them mentally and physically for the task. However, it also gives them a rather unique taste in decoration; it is very common that a Reaper will decorate themselves in bones or other hard remains of the fallen. For example, they may have a pair of bone earrings, or a set of gloves where the outside is covered in finger bones, making it look like a skeletal hand. They might have them sewn into their clothes, or hanging freely, tied together by a ceremonial cloth.

Additional Info

A Reaper's horns are also oddly equal in healing factor to a Zeran's, whenever a Reaper's horns are damaged, broken or removed in any way, they may regrow or heal back on a similar time span.

Reapers might hold a different 'role' position, for being the guardians of Lazarus, but their similarities to a human are unmatched, aside the horns. They don't hold any different or special features from a human. (I.E Their blood is red-colored, they succumb to old age in time, aside their long lifespan, etc...)

Traditionally, Reapers live between 250-300 years. If they decide to venture outside of Lazarus, they lose 50 years.

Reapers do not care much of Gods. Enma is a myth to them, and they do not care about Huggessoa. Their duty is to bring the souls to Lazarus after death.


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