Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki
Ranger.png Ranger
Type Promoted Class
Weapons Bow
Move 6

Str.png STR +2
Wil.png WIL --
Cel.png CEL +2
Ski.png SKI +2
Def.png DEF --
Res.png RES --
Vit.png VIT --
Luc.png LUC --
Fai.png FAI --
Guil.png GUI --
Sanctity Symbol.png SAN +2
Apt.png APT --

Rangers are proficient bow-using marksmen who fight with an unmatched skill, performing unnatural features like graciously leaping and flipping across the battlefield to escape from danger, or accurately sniping targets with their bows from a great distance, while precisely hitting the mark with no sweat.

Being more in touch with the wilderness, in time they also learn how to use its boons for their own favor, through the use of arcane sigils and special arrows enchanted to absorb, retain and release the many powers of the nature against their targets.


  • Many unique status effects that require no infliction check.
  • Two healing spells that can flip and turn the tides of a lost combat in a blink! (Or cast?)
  • High capability of triggering Evasion or Evading attacks after using specific skills, which further improves their Hit-And-Run style.
  • They have a better version of Immobilize with their Annorun + Frigid Arrow combo, which will reduce the enemy's Evade to 0 as well as inflict Immobilize, both with one single status effect.
  • Very large range if not the largest by default when they are properly set up.
  • They can simply opt to cripple down the enemy, run, and wear them down while staying out of range, which is really (and finally) unique of them.


  • Some of the skills or spells, mostly the healings, require your target/yourself to be standing by a 'plant field object', or they cannot be used.
  • Annorum has a lengthy cooldown of 3 rounds, so a smart use might define the real outcome of combat based on your choices and the situation you are in.
  • They benefit a lot from Light Armor, but not so can be said about the other classes, which makes them quite unique, and lack synergy with other classes.
  • The class doesn't have reliable AoE skills or spells, and are more focused on single target punishment.


Requires level 20+ Archer Class.

  • Win a fight while having a Bow equipped on your main hand, and Light Armor equipped on your torso.
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