Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki
Priest.png Priest
Type Promoted Class
Weapons Tome, Spear
Move 5

Str.png STR --
Wil.png WIL +2
Cel.png CEL +1
Ski.png SKI --
Def.png DEF --
Res.png RES +2
Vit.png VIT --
Luc.png LUC --
Fai.png FAI +3
Guil.png GUI --
Sanctity Symbol.png SAN --
Apt.png APT --

The Priest is a support-focused promotion to the Curate class, allowing for large-scale healing as well as curing and preventing numerous negative status effects. They are versatile, capable of powerful light and lightning spells, light immunity nullification, invocation, and summoning in addition to their already formidable recovery skills.


  • Powerful healing skills.
  • Can cure multiple status ailments, and provide temporary immunity to them.
  • Possesses reliable attack power with some nice class boosts (receives boosts from equipping staff weapons and staves, in addition to certain other enhancements).
  • Can shut down strategies that rely on creating special tiles.
  • Shine knights are immunue to light and dark damage.


  • Most offensive skills strike a small area.
  • Has moderate FP costs with little recovery.
  • Doesn't have synergy with Tactician special tiles and Sanctuary.


Requires level 20+ Curate Class.

  • Win a fight while Devotion (talent) is at Rank 5+.
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