The bird Kaelensia of the Phenex are a human-like race with features similar to Corbies; they possess very vibrant red or gold wings. Unlike most Kaelensia, they do not make Egwyn their home typically, instead coming from the high mountains of Kysei, where their patron, the great phoenix Helondis, originally roosted.

The reason for Helondis' departure from the home of the Kaelensia depends on who you ask; some suggest that he left because he disagreed with the exile that Kaelensia self-imposed, others believe that his magnificient wings set the forests aflame and he did not wish to harm the homeland. Whatever the case, he left, and in the mountains he created a powerful territory for himself and his followers.

During Heaven's Contention, Helondis found himself unable to sit by idly, as a God himself, as other, lesser (and greedier) deities ravaged the land, and though he slew many who challenged him, near the end of Heaven's Contention, the wounds he suffered got the best of him, ending his life. But Helondis wasn't your average god; he was the great Phoenix Emperor.

Instead of rotting away, his body turned to ash, and from that ash appeared a giant, flaming red egg. That egg still exists, enshrined deep in the Phenex clan's mountain caverns, where it is a holy place. Many Phenex offer prayers at the egg, waiting for what is an assured revival of their lord and emperor.

Further Information

Despite lacking the proper racial skills, a Phenex can fly like a Corbie.

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