Papilion are a Corrupted race that comes from the Mechana Forest, also known as the Living Forest, full of living plants and trees (more often dangerous than not), and it was the center of the breakthrough that lead to Mechanations. However, you should not stray too far into that Forest; if you find yourself surrounded by butterflies, you have entered the Deepwood, and may never come out.

Inside the Deepwood exists a colorful, almost unreal world full of brightly colored plants and insects, the most prominent of which are the butterflies. However, in this beautiful atmosphere exists a constant pressure; a feeling of fear, anxiety, sickness. It is said that the land itself preys on those lost in it, leading them in circles until they die, then feeding itself with the corpse.

However, there are those who find harmony with the Deepwood. Mages who enter it out of accident, despair, or curiousity, and find themselves compatible with the atmosphere are said to understand a magic that even Karaten does not understand. Although some claim these individuals are nothing more than phantoms of the woods...

Further Information

The wings of a Papilion are only as real as they are perceived to be, and can be manipulated to exist or not at the Corrupted's own will. As for their functionality, it is said that they can float and hover above the ground, but not actually 'fly' like a Corbie or Hyattr, when those exist.

The eyes of a Papilion work no different than a normal human's, an example being that they cannot perceive more colors than what a normal eye can see, unlike a butterfly.


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