The Naga are a half-human/half-snake hybrid race, with the upper body of a human female, and the lower body of a serpent. They originated from a dark ritual by the snakemen followers of Argentyle, who would kidnap women from the surface world. The details of the ritual are unknown, but these poor souls were kept prisoner in the Argentyle Caverns, used to breed more snakemen.

Since then, the Sigrogana Empire was eventually forced to deal with the problem, repelling the snakemen back to their hole and sealing it off with a large wall. At that time, these victims were found and rescued, but the fear of retaliation from the townsfolk lead the Empire to send the Naga to Egwyn, although some instead went to Gold.

Time has passed since this all has happened. Thus, Naga are slowly being permitted back into the civilized parts of the world, although they still draw much attention due to their unique physiology.

Further Information

Nagas are a female-only race due to their curse, and breeding with a Naga may meet with special conditions.

Nagas might have serpentine features, but aside their great resistance to Poison's effects, they don't show any capacity of producing venom on their own. Although some might have fangs, they're not poisonous like a Wyverntouched's fangs.

Most of the Nagas are mentally scarred due to their backstory, and are required to be roleplayed as such. If their backstory is a little 'too much' or just plain 'limiting', you can always opt to be born a Naga, and/or come from a different land, such as Oniga or Egwyn.

Just like a real snake, Naga can shed their skins off.


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