Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki
Gen active.png Magical Feathers

Max Rank
Class Firebird

Power icon.png Power
Target icon.png Target
Enemy only.png '

The Firebird is defined by magical feathers that aid them. You begin with 10 and generate 2 automatically every new round (max 30). Tiles you move on will consume 1 and cover it. At the end of the round, they resonate, dealing magic damage of your enchanted element (treated as Fire, if none) to any enemy in that tile, then expire. (Damage = Firebird LV + 5, ignores armor)

They also destroy special tiles in their location. (Fire = Ice Sheet, Ice = Cinders, Earth = Void Pollution, Lightning = Dark Water, Wind = Blows away instead.)

At Rank 2, this skill does not take up a skill slot.