Law's End is a small bandit settlement located in the deserts of Gold south of Oniga. Law's End is renown for being a den of rogues, thieves, and other lawbreakers, somewhere within the sands. Under no one's control and with no one governing them, the place is full of wanted men and women. While this would seem to be a place of chaos and terror, people in Law's End like to maintain a low profile.

Most resources in Law's End are obtained just the way one'd expect; either through smuggling, or out and out theft (but only outside of Law's End, of course). The famous 'metal birds', aka sky pirates, are said to perch their flying machines in the ruins, and only a mad man would look for them out in the desert, and often deliver ill-gotten goods from afar to the people.

What remains is a weird sense of community, looking out for others, hoping they'll look out for said person. As long as one aren't working for the law, and don't cause problems, one is welcome in Law's End.

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