Lanternbearer Lantern Bearer

Type Promoted Class
Weapons Tome, Spear
Move 5

Str STR --
Wil WIL +2
Cel CEL +2
Ski SKI --
Def DEF +1
Res RES +2
Vit VIT --
Luc LUC +1
Fai FAI --
Guil GUI --
Sanctity Symbol SAN --
Apt APT --

Where Curates only hold the aptitude to help some through prayer and personal care, Lantern Bearers are the guiding light of the whole group in every situation. Holding with them a certain device (often a Lantern) to help them imbue the power of a "pseudo-elemental", they are capable of spreading out the specific influence of those flames outwards for a variety of effects.

The flames of a Lantern are versatile and based around intention, it glows and radiates gently for people who are intended to help the Lantern Bearer, empowering them. But those who aim to harm the holder of the Lantern may only know the agony of daring to oppose the aura of an elemental.

Additional Lore

The name 'Lantern Bearer' originated once ancient Curates and Shamans found a way to project a magical flame from their soul, that can be re-ignited inside any devices that can retain it, like torches, bonfires or lanterns.

When the device is held forth, the right words are chanted and the right amount of Focus is donated to the device, the Lantern Bearer can summon forth the power of the seven Elementals to their own aid (only one at a time), which are similar to the Elemental Augments a Mage generates, but less related to Magic and more about the actual entities that represent the Elementals in the real world.


  • Lantern Bearers focus on field wide buffs and debuffs.
  • Lantern Bearer has access to multiple different elements in their spell-casting.
  • Their PvE potential is unrivaled due to the sheer amount of AoE skills a Lantern Bearer possesses, making it the best class in the whole game for grinding.
  • They cannot be stopped as easily as a mage, because of Curate's Silent Prayer, which cleanses Silence.


  • Lantern Bearers lack the controlled offensive capabilities of the Evoker and Mage for the most part.
  • Lantern Bearer's spells get weaker depending on the farther away the enemy is from the caster.
  • Hitting the enemy's Elemental Resistances, which you may do from time to time, will reduce your Momentum.
  • Geist Shritt. You're Boxer food.


Requires level 20+ Curate Class.

  • Win a fight with Mage at level 10+.


  • Win a fight while having Use Staff at Rank 3+.
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