Kensei Kensei

Type Promoted Class
Weapons Sword
Move 6

Str STR +2
Wil WIL --
Ski SKI +2
Cel CEL +2
Def DEF --
Res RES --
Vit VIT --
Fai FAI --
Luc LUC +2

Oniga is famed for its swordsmanship, and true masters of the art have even earned the title "Kensei" from outside nations. They are described as an almost supernatural force, moving faster than eyesight, and capable of thinking several steps ahead of their opponents.


  • Deals high physical damage with Absolute Death.
  • May be able to have a good fighting performance against Magic users, thanks to Absolute Fear.
  • Kensei has great Innate skills that boosts their Hit, Critical and Evade.
  • Can deflect bullets with Blade Barrier, giving them some advantage over Gun users.
  • Offers great synergy with any class that uses Physical Damage.


  • You're a dork wielding a katana.
  • Misuse of Tekagen can put you in a serious disadvantage.
  • Kensei is a class that follows the rule of 'The best defense is an overwhelming offense', aka, zero treads aimed at survivability.
  • Kensei doesn't have enough Skill Points and this may limit their choices on skills, sometimes.


  • To unlock Kensei, you must win a fight while you are equipped with a Katana and an Unarmored torso and have at least 20 Levels in Duelist.
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