Incapacitation occurs when a character's HP in combat reaches 0. This means your character can't fight anymore and you'll be either knocked out, completely exhausted or even dead in some cases. It depends on the player to decide how they're accepting their Incapacitation.

An incapacitated character cannot take any action, and their turn is skipped in battle. Incapacitated characters cannot be healed by normal means; a skill or item specifically intended for a downed character must be used.

If you are incapacitated at the end of a battle your party won, you will be restored to 1 HP automatically.


Usually, an incapacitated monster is treated as dead, and removed from the battlefield, unlike a player character.

Losing a Battle

In battle against monsters, if all party members are incapacitated, the battle is lost and a hasty retreat must be made in order to survive. Putting your life first means you may lose something during the moment, be it either due to the fear of death, or using your items and Murai to distract enemy monsters for an opening to flee with safety.

  • Upon defeat, you have 2-8 'Loss Chances'. The number is completely random.
  • For every Loss Chance, there is a 60% chance you will lose 1 valid item in your inventory. This chance is reduced by Faith.

Valid items are: Non-crafting materials, non-key items, non-donation items, items that are not equipped (unless they have the Fleeting curse).

  • If you lose an item, it disappears into the mists, gone forever (but there is a chance that items lost this way can be bought back from Richeous in Law's End), Stackable items only lose 1 of its stack.
  • You will also lose half of your on-hand Murai.

Note that this only applies to items in your inventory. Banked items and Murai are not subject to this, for obvious reasons.

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