Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki

IC - In Character

In Character, or IC for short, is a term used to refer to something said or done within the role-playing realm. The act of two characters communicating or interacting with each other in the role-playing realm is considered IC, while interactions between their players (or authors, as some prefer) is considered OOC.

The following is considered an example of IC:

Renny Brownington took a single bite of his meal, before abruptly tossing it aside. "This isn't made to my liking," he would shout, "take it back and do it over!"

Anything said within the IC realm should be left to the IC realm. It is, under most circumstances, inappropriate to take offense or start an argument in the OOC realm over something said or done in IC. Be sure you have a firm line drawn between character feelings and your own.