The Hyattr are a dragon-winged race known for their potent fire breathing capabilities, as well as their patron's destructive legacy. Hyatt was a red dragon, with bright crimson scales and a massive wingspan, which he abused by flying over the land and setting it ablaze with his fire breath, destroying many human settlements. A pointless show of power, but one that allowed him to subjugate many followers who would become Hyattr, lest their villages and towns be next in his path.

Eventually, Hyatt's taste for destruction caused him to bite off more than he could chew, as his final target was to be Egwyn, the lush green home of the Kaelensia and its Great Beasts; nothing would fill Hyatt with more glee than to turn it into an ashen wasteland. However, that was not to be, as the legend goes.

Hyatt, shortly after attacking Egwyn, was met in combat by one of the Great Beasts, a wolf almost as big as the dragon. They fought for some time, but eventually, the wolf tore through Hyatt's wings and eyes, blinding him, and causing him to crash into a mountain side. Afterwards, Hyatt fell deep into Egwyn's great crevasses; presumably to his death, as he never returned.

This tale is a legacy of fear and mistrust for the Hyattr, as with most Serpentkind. However, perhaps not entirely misguided, as the Hyattr are capable of their patron's destructive abilities, albeit on a lesser scale, and it's always the bad ones that stick out...

Further Information

Like Glykin and Wyverntouched, Hyattr have slitted eyes. Some also have scales along their backs.

Just like their serpentine comrade, Wyverntouched. The Hyattr male generally have have taller height distribution among the adult when compared to humans.


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