• USE PROPER SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION! It doesn't matter if you don't know English or not. You need to write comprehensibly to make it understandable for everyone.
  • WRITE IN A WIKI STYLE FORMAT! There are a few examples on how to do it properly and not:

Good Example:

Sigrogana (Officially known as the Sigroganan Empire) is the largest and one of the most powerful Empires in the realm of mortals.

Bad Example:

Far to the south of Sigrogana is the continent of Egwyn.

  • WRITE IN A THIRD-PERSON FORMAT! Do not attempt to write in a second or first person format, as this is a wiki for all things related to the game, not your character personally, as you and the character are two separate entities. You may only write Second or First person perspectives if it comes in forms of a guide.
  • BE DETAILED AS POSSIBLE! DO NOT BE CRYPTIC! The key goal of the wiki is to make the game easier and understandable like an instruction manual. Do not attempt to make cryptic articles or make it hard for a user to understand. Give them a step by step basis.
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