Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki
Firebird.png Firebird
Type Promoted Class
Weapons Spear
Move 6

Str.png STR +2
Wil.png WIL --
Cel.png CEL +3
Ski.png SKI +2
Def.png DEF --
Res.png RES --
Vit.png VIT --
Luc.png LUC +1
Fai.png FAI --
Guil.png GUI --
Sanctity Symbol.png SAN --
Apt.png APT --

Duelists who have finally found their calling by Kysei, near the Phenex Mountain Caverns and partial inspiration from the followers of the Phoenix God Helondis, wielding polearms with inspiring grace alongside magically enchanted feathers, soon take the mantle of a Firebird, after a rigorous training in these harsh mountains.

This style emphasizes on attacking with accurate, nigh-unavoidable strikes and utilizing feathers as a catalyst to imbue themselves with the arcane energy of the elements, which allows them to strike more fiercely in addition to their accuracy, or even leap high in the skies through a burst of power and, like avians, utilize this advantage to catch enemies off-guard, or even take on flying enemies on an even ground with no effort.


  • Good mobility to make up for its lacking defensive capabilities.
  • Roaring Falcon affects a wide area and can buff multiple allies, and is exceptionally good for basic attackers.
  • Falcon Strike can ignore Evasion, making it a good skill to blend in when fighting dodgy enemies.
  • Soaring Spear is a great way to limit enemies who have massive HP pools and/or heal a lot, due to Cursed Wounds.


  • Lack of consistent damage reductions makes it adopt the same rule of thumb as Kensei. The best defense is a flawless offense.
  • They can burn out their Focus quite fast when pressing the attack. You'll always need to be smart when using your skills, or risk losing a fight for running out of FP.


Requires level 20+ Duelist Class.

  • Score the 'Soarer' EXP Bonus Condition by the end of a battle. (Gain the airborn buff 8 times during the course of a battle)
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