FaiFaith is the power of belief in a higher being, be it Gods or even themselves. With a higher Faith one can perform some unexpected features in combat, as sometimes the gods tend to smile for the faithful, rewarding them with more than what Luck alone can provide.


  • Increases LIGHT ATK by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases maximum Focus Points by 3 per 1 point.
  • Increases Status Resistance by 1% per 1 point.
  • Increases Critical Evade by 1 per 1 point.
  • Reduces amount of Murai and chance to drop items on defeat by 2% per 1 point.
  • For Summoners, every 5 base Faith grants 1 additional Youkai contract slot.


HP Hit Points · FP Focus Points · XP Experience Points


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Res Resistance · Vit Vitality · Fai Faith · Luc Luck
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