Hidden far in the sea, protected by weather and mirages is the elven paradise known as Mersales. There, its people; the Elves, have lived in their domain for a time worth the world's weight in sand. Outsiders and adventurers remain unable to find it, and they say if you leave it, you will not be able to find your way back. And if you see an elf anywhere else on Sigrogana, chances are that is the case.

Elves, simply put, are one of the rarer peoples to see. Leavers of Mersales are quite infrequent indeed, given its blessed land and unending peace. Even so, they maintain an air of respect in the eyes of the people; some are simply fascinated by their existance, and figures of a more official position do not wish to upset those who could be anywhere, and with any tally of numbers that could bring unwanted war to them. Not that Elves are concerned with things like national diplomacy. They manage to keep out of trouble, one way or the other.

Elves simply do not enter old age. Whether it is a racial quality, or a benefit of their land, or something else, they are almost timeless after entering adulthood, even though they do fall to natural expiration after a very long time. Or perhaps it is the fact that the elven have developed healing and revitalization magic and alchemy so very thoroughly; a fact that is painfully aware, but the details of which are a very important secret that no elf would ever dream of spilling.

Still, while they are no strangers to concepts like society and the world at large, their reclusiveness have earned them some level of naivety and ignorance to the details, such as racial tension. Not to be unclear, as they are a sly, clever, and intelligent sort, and their paradise still tastes the bitterness of things like treachery, injustice, and cruelty. They simply lack an understanding of why certain things are the way they are. But theirs is much like a picture not quite colored yet; something they slowly come into, if they are brave enough to leave Mersales to see the world.

Further Information

Once an Elf leaves Mersales, they are susceptible to sickness. This is because their immune system was never exposed to sickness or anything like that before, so it is probable that they will get sick in the long run.

Most elves have too much pride to hand over the majority of that knowledge to other races, because they believe it belongs to elves, and it's very important that people know where it comes from.

Elves do indeed have their own language, and by some means have knowledge of the Common tongue as well. However, some Elves do learn it, while some others do not. The main reason behind this is that some Elves feel like they would never have a reason to use Common.


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