Ghost stories of haunted armors and headless horsemen are common tales shared around campfires, but these urban legends also have their truths to them. Enter the Dullahan, which is little more than living armor, created by unknown circumstances.

Most Dullahans that are 'born' are without sanity, often raging against whatever comes their way, and as such are seen as little more than monsters. The most famous of which are the Dullahans of Mallus, the dead city on Sigrogana's south-eastern coast, that roam the city walls and have prevented it from being reclaimed by the Empire (whether this is due to lack of manpower, or a lack of interest, isn't clear). Mallus itself has become little more than a ghost story after all this time, although the dangers of it are very real.

Those who maintain some of their memory and control are not much better off. Your mind, memories muddled by the veil of death, is forever bound to the armor and it to your will, and should it ever be significantly damaged (enough to shatter it into many pieces, for example), then the Dullahan ceases to be. Other than that, Dullahans are practically immortal, and as long as they do not cause a stir, pretending that you're just someone wearing heavy armor is quite an effective way to blend in.

The one commonality of all Dullahan, aside from being husks of armor, is a strong, burning desire, akin to a 'purpose' for existing. Whether this is to deliver some lost artifact to someone, or to slay a specific person; whatever it is, it serves as a powerful drive for the Dullahan, and something they seek to accomplish above all else.

Further Information

Dullahan have a focal point just where the helmet would be, although the helmet are not required to be worn. It is usually worn to keep people under impression that there is someone inside the armor. Even in case of combat, if Dullahan's helmet fell off. They can still see though, without it.


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