Duelist Duelist

Type Base Class
Weapons Sword, Spear
Move 5

Str STR +1
Wil WIL --
Cel CEL +2
Ski SKI +2
Def DEF --
Res RES --
Vit VIT --
Luc LUC --
Fai FAI --
Guil GUI --
Sanctity Symbol SAN --
Apt APT --

A master of one-on-one combat, the Duelist's pride is in perfecting the artsy side of combat. Rather than overwhelm enemies with pure force, they would rather read them, predict them, and use their own actions against them.


  • Insane synergy with any basic attackers, especially Sword and/or Polearm users.
  • Landing a critical hit with Fleur technically refunds the momentum for that basic hit, allowing you to attack three times in a row, or move and attack twice.
  • Has a variety of offensive skills, most of which have low FP costs.
  • Riposte, Poise, Flottement and Eviter are all skills that allow you to punish other basic attackers.
  • Strong burst damage skills for Swords and Polearms: Eclair Lacroix and Lance de Lion.
  • Disengage repositions yourself away from the middle of trouble, recovers small amount of HP and grants a bonus to Evade for one enemy attack. A solid defensive skill.


  • Being damaged can nullify bonuses from Poise, decreasing your critical hit by a sharp amount.
  • Autohitters can bypass your basic attacker punishments with ease.
  • Being unable to hit or land a critical hit can (sometimes) be very detrimental for your combat outcomes.
  • Most of the times, a Duelist will revolve around evading, hitting, and landing critical hits. This means they won't have many defenses, and the class does not grant defenses either, being naturally offense-oriented.
  • Despite the name 'Duelists', they don't have monster cards or duel disks.


At level 20+, Duelists can become:

  • Ghost (On a close contact with death, they draw inspiration from it to their abilities.)
  • Kensei (After a severe, disciplined training with a specific sword weapon type, the Katana.)
  • Firebird (Over becoming one with the skies and the Polearm, with the ire of Helondis.)
  • ??? (???)
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