The Dual Class System is a unique system where, in addition to picking a Main Class, players can also equip a Sub Class, and gain some benefits from each depending on where the class is equipped. This increases character diversity and lets you customize your play style, for your own benefit or to better mesh with a character concept you've devised.

You can change your Main Class and Sub Class at any time outside of battle by using the Class Board (note that as of alpha version 0.36a, you can no longer change classes while inside of a dungeon).

Main Class

Your Main Class is exactly what it sounds like; it is your character's primary focus, or what they're training the hardest to become. Your Main Class has an affect on the following;

  • The weapon types you can equip. Each class has a set of weapon types that it can use. (Note that you can also equip certain weapon types if your Talent rank is high enough for that weapon type.)
  • Your stats. Each class gives bonuses to specific stats that are 'key' to it.
  • Your Move.
  • Certain class skills function differently depending on if the class is your Main Class or not (usually, it improves their function somehow).

Sub Class

Your Sub Class determines much less than your Main Class, but is still important, as it serves as an additional pool of skills that you can equip. Some notes;

  • Sub Classes gain XP at 50% the rate the Main Class does.
  • Innate skills of a Sub Class will still apply.

Mono Class

Alternatively, you can equip the same class to your Main Class and Sub Class slots. Doing so will double the bonus stats you receive from that class.

Archer Archer
Arbalest Arbalest · MagicGunner Magic Gunner · Ranger Ranger
Curate Curate
Lanternbearer Lantern Bearer · Priest Priest
Duelist Duelist
Ghost Ghost · Kensei Kensei
Mage Mage
Evoker Evoker · Hexer Icon Hexer
Martialartist Martial Artist
Monk Monk · Verglas Verglas · Boxer Boxer
Rogue Rogue
Engineer Engineer · Voidassassin Void Assassin · Spellthief Spellthief
Soldier Soldier
Blackknight Black Knight · Tactician Tactician · Demon hunter Demon Hunter
Summoner Summoner
GrandSummoner Grand Summoner · Bonder Bonder