Doriad are, in essence, spirits of nature which take on the form of humans. Many forests in the world of Sigrogana are irradiated with magical energy, due to the influence of Gods, but mortals as well. Doriads magically manifest themselves from their home forest for some purpose; possessing knowledge of the world due to the influence and words of those who have passed through or lived inside of it.

The result is that a Doriad is a reflection of how that forest has been treated. A forest that is treated with respect and exists in harmony with mortals manifests Doriads who are also respectful and kind, capable of returning kindness to mortals. A forest which has been razed or aggressively salvaged for lumber may give birth to a spectre of wrath, that treats humans as if they were lumber waiting to be chopped. And so on.

While Doriads are often mistaken for Elves, due to their similar pointed ears, the pointed ears of a Doriad are shorter. They also commonly have grassy green hair, and dress with many natural influences, such as vines, or flowers, although this can vary depending on the Doriad.

Ultimately, Doriads prefer to stick to nature and protect it, unless they have a greater purpose away from its homely embrace.

Further Information

When a Doriad is "born," he or she often emerges from a tree, walking out of it as if it wasn't there. They absorb focus through sunlight and do not need to eat unless they don't get enough sunlight, but they can if they wish. Some, but not all, Doriads are uncomfortable eating food containing plant life.

Doriads have blood like other living creatures and die the same way as other mortal races. They cannot become vampires.

The Doriad height distribution tends to be shorter compared to a human. It is more common to find shorter full-grown male Doriad, than a taller one.

Doriads do have fake copy of human's reproductive organs. However, it does not have functional features of that of actual organ.

Doriads can speak to other plants, but in very simplistic ways, and can only really do so on an emotional level.


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