Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki
Demon hunter.png Demon Hunter
Type Promoted Class
Weapons Sword, Spear, Axe, Gun
Move 6

Str.png STR +2
Wil.png WIL
Cel.png CEL +2
Ski.png SKI +2
Def.png DEF +2
Res.png RES
Vit.png VIT
Luc.png LUC
Fai.png FAI
Guil.png GUI --
Sanctity Symbol.png SAN --
Apt.png APT --

Demon Hunters are a... unique breed, for sure. Their name is earned from the way they fight, a chaotic and stylish dance; if they couldn't kill demons, who could? Many 'proper' warriors see them as madmen who violate every basic principle of combat. Demon Hunters just view it as a way to utilize every tool to their advantage.


  • Loads of skills and stances for every if not all situations.
  • Reaver's Martial Lawbreaker allows the Demon Hunter to use any kind of weapon for their skills/Soldier skills.
  • One of the two classes that easily fits with every other class on the board. (the other being Spellthief)
  • Insane after-match HP/FP healing if they eat pizza, that means, they can keep fighting endlessly until hungry again.
  • Excellent performance in Stylish mode.


  • Most of the classes reliance is on skills, which could have you running out of FP very quickly if you do not manage it properly.
  • Sometimes the miscalculated use of Reaver Stance can leave the Demon Hunter wide open for counterattacks they weren't expecting.
  • Cobra is the 'strongest' stance, but also the most fragile. Snake Dancer gets shutdown by knockdowns and blind. And it needs to do an Evasion check, so you MUST have high dodge to use this.
  • Due to SP limitations, it's impossible to use more than two (maybe three) stances in a build without Destiny: Soldier.


Requires level 20+ Soldier Class.

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