Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki
Gen active.png Dancing Water

Max Rank
Class Aquamancer
Range 6

3 M
10/11/12 FP
Power icon.png Power 100/120/140% Water ATK
Target icon.png Target Single
Enemy only.png Enemy only
Domain Aquarian
Duration 6/7/8 Rounds

Animate water in a tile within 6 Range, creating an attackable Dancing Tentacle there for X rounds (based on Rank). The tentacle comes alive on new rounds if there is Flooded Water or Dark Water at its location, and strikes 1 random enemy within 2 Range of it, dealing Water or Dark magic damage (respectively) equal to its LV, and has a chance to inflict Immobilize for 2 rounds.

Aquae Crest: If LV 5 or higher, +2 duration, +20 HP.