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Critical Hits are, for short, well-aimed strikes that hit the enemy's soft or unguarded spots (often comes from Daggers, in this case), but sometimes it might just be an overly strong and brutal attack (often comes from Axes, in this case).

When performing a basic attack, or using an attack skill that rolls its chance to hit, there's a chance for the attack to be a Critical hit. This chance is a percentage, based on your own Critical stat minus the target's Critical Evade. Either stat may be altered by a wide variety of skills and conditions. A Critical hit has the following effects:

  • Increases the base damage of the attack from 100% to (Weapon Critical Damage + Scaled GUI)%. (additional damage, such as the on-hit effects of certain weapons and skills, remains the same.)
  • Triggers weapon properties that activate on Critical Hits, such as 'On-Crit Effects' or Vorpal Strike.
  • Grants you a 1 Momentum bonus, up to once per round allowing you to restore 2M (should you have the Duelist skill Fleur equipped, this bonus is +2 instead, allowing you to restore 3M).
  • Attacking, and critically hitting an enemy with two different weapons (Main Hand attack and Sub-Weapon Attack) may grant you 3M at the end of the attacks. (Dagger Dance simulates this, allowing you to move and attack. Otherwise, the enemy should be adjacent/in range of you for this to work.)

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