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A Class is a type of profession or skill set that a character uses. A character has two possible classes; a Main Class and Sub Class that they may use. Each class has its own level independent from the character's, as well as its own unique skill set. Selecting classes to suit your play style or character concept is highly encouraged. In addition, there are two types of classes; base classes and promoted classes.

Base Class

A base class is a generic class with few specialized skills suited to an archetype. All characters have access to all eight base classes at the start of the game. They are:

Once a base class reaches level 20, you can unlock promotion classes for it by fulfilling special requirements. Promotion classes feature different base bonus stats, wider and more powerful skill sets, and unique mechanics exclusive to that class. In addition, a promoted class is capable of using the skills of its base class.

Base classes can have multiple promotion classes, and unless otherwise noted, you can unlock them all. This may change in the future.

Archer.png Archer
Arbalest.png Arbalest · MagicGunner.png Magic Gunner · Ranger.png Ranger
Curate.png Curate
Lanternbearer.png Lantern Bearer · Priest.png Priest · Aquamancer.png Aquamancer
Duelist.png Duelist
Ghost.png Ghost · Kensei.png Kensei · Firebird.png Firebird
Mage.png Mage
Evoker.png Evoker · Hexer Icon.png Hexer · RuneMagician.png Rune Magician
Martialartist.png Martial Artist
Monk.png Monk · Verglas.png Verglas · Boxer.png Boxer
Rogue.png Rogue
Engineer.png Engineer · Voidassassin.png Void Assassin · Spellthief.PNG Spellthief
Soldier.png Soldier
Blackknight.png Black Knight · Tactician.png Tactician · Demon hunter.png Demon Hunter
Summoner.png Summoner
GrandSummoner.png Grand Summoner · Bonder.png Bonder · ShapeShifter.png Shapeshifter
Bard.png Bard
Dancer.png Dancer · Performer.png Performer