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Gen passive.png Chimera Evolution

Type Racial
Race Chimera

Chimeras are magical 'beasts' which can evolve themselves by eating compatible monsters. When interacting with a corpse left behind by an enemy, you will have the option to eat it; doing so requires some physical stamina, but restores some HP and FP. If the remains belong to a race you have not consumed before, you also gain new permanent racial skill(s) based on the race.

Racials that can be gained by eating remains:

  • Chimera's Accursed Claws (Undead): Sharp claws bearing a grudge make the Chimera's unarmed strikes deadlier. Gain Ghost racial type. +5 Dark ATK. Your Basic Fists are replaced with a stronger version that deals Dark magic bonus damage on hit. (70% str 40% res scaling, bonus dark dmg 50% of dark atk)
  • Chimera's Starlight Eye (Spatial): An additional red-eye allows the Chimera to fire beams of starlight. Gain Spatial racial type. +5 Light ATK. Grants access to the skill Starlight Ray. (Gives a racial customization part)
  • Chimera's Shark Fangs (Shark): Enhanced, sharper teeth help the Chimera eat their foes. Gain Shark racial type. +5 Water ATK. Consuming remains no longer uses physical stamina.
  • Chimera's Stone Stare (Gorgon): Magical energies enhance the Chimera's eyes, letting them turn things to stone. Gain Gorgon racial type. +5 Earth ATK. Grants access to the skill Petrificiation Gaze.
  • Chimera's Venom Glands (Snakemen): A set of glands in the Chimera's body allow them to produce poison from their fangs. Gain Snakeman racial type. +5 Acid ATK. Grants access to the skill Argent Bite.
  • Chimera's Hot Blood (Fireblood): Intense body heat flows in the Chimera, protecting them from the cold. Gain Fireblood racial type. +5 Fire ATK. Frozen status effects you are inflicted with have their LV reduced by half (or 50, whichever is higher).
  • Chimera's Tyrant Paws (Iceblood): Monster-like feet allow the Chimera to traverse the snow. Gain Iceblood racial type. +5 Ice ATK. While you have no Legs item equipped, you do not trigger Ice Sheets, and your Kick skill deals Ice magic bonus damage equal to half of your character level. (Gives a racial customization part)
  • Chimera's Fierce Grip (Kraboid): Small nubs on the Chimera's hands allow them to get a painful grip on enemies. Gain Kraboid racial type. Grapple deals Pierce bonus damage equal to half of your character level which can critically hit, dealing double damage.
  • Chimera's Fish Tail (Fish): A long fish's tail from their back helps the Chimera manuveur in water. Gain Fish racial type. Flooded Water tiles do not impede your movement. (Gives a racial customization part)
  • Chimera's Agile Flexor (Insect): Powerful leg muscles grant the Chimera insect-like agility. Gain Insect racial type. +5 Lightning ATK. Increases Kick's knockback by 1. +10 damage to kick skills.
  • Chimera's Dragon Wing (Ancient Gigas Rex): A pair of artifically acquired dragon wings keep the Chimera nimble. Gain Dragon racial type (considered a youkai subtype by the game. Beware Grand summoners!). +1 Movement while Airborne. Can use Flying movement while airborne. (Gives a racial customization part) (Enemy found at bottom of Manor basement.)

Goblin and jelly give nothing