The 'black and white' city of Chaturanga is a very old and powerful state. They were once a holder of land on Sigrogana, until the Empire's fast and brutal sweep gained control of its entirety, and now reside in their motherland on Kysei. It is known for its large monuments fashioned after chess pieces, as well as its black and white roadways, and is a very popular and beautiful city. Perhaps more so than that, though, are the infamous Black Knights of Chaturanga, sa

Chaturanga's banner

id to be immortal monsters that no sword could fell.

They are in an alliance with Karaten, and thanks to this, Kysei is very safe. Karaten is extremely powerful on the magic front, while besting Black Knights in physical based warfare is not only difficult, but nearly impossible due to Chaturanga's master tacticians. This mutual interest and power have made Chaturanga and Karaten very close, and very powerful. Chaturanga's main source of income is through using Black Knights as mercenaries; royalty are willing to pay a lot to have one of these iron titans guarding them and their families. It is in their nature to remain quiet, letting things be as they will, and trying to profit as best they can.

Black Knights, and the people of Chaturanga in general, are known for loyalty and honor, much like the people of Oniga. They do not neglect the importance of either attribute, and in a way, they are feared and respected for it. The basis for honor is respect, and Chaturanga is a place free of all sorts of racism, making it one of the most well-blended places when it comes to race. Many Kaelensia that prefer to live in the 'human world' come here, joining the many militaries that are established in Chaturanga.

Much like Karaten, Chaturanga operates on a council basis, because this is what they find most fair. This is very similar to an oligarchical government system.


However, Kysei is not alway in the state of true neutrality. Recently, a well-esteemed Shaitan General, cladded in full black armor, managed, and single-handedly tossed Kysei's neutrality into chaos by stating that there is greater threat beyond the Six Great Lands, claiming that the Elves are the major threat to the world.

People are claiming that he is just insane because of Shaitan Madness, but those underneath him, do not questions, nor express concerns out of grand respect for their General.


Due to sharing a continent with Karaten, it can be inferred that both cities share similarities in technology. However, Chaturanga's technological advancement isn't so much advanced as Karaten's, and is mostly powered by steam, and is more mechanical.

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