Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki
Gen active.png Chain Shell

Max Rank
Class Magic Gunner
Range Self

0 M
Power icon.png Power --
Target icon.png Target Single
Ally only.png Self Only
Required Arcane Gun rank 1
Shell Power 1/2/3

Shell: 5 x S.P. Armor-Ignoring Lightning DMG to target + 1 other in 3 Range
Bonus: 8 x B.P. Lightning DMG to target + 2 others in 3 Range
High Charge: 15 x H.P. Lightning DMG, and chance to inflict Immobilize until your next turn. If successful, also inflict Lingering Damage (Lightning) LV X (5 x H.P.)/3 rounds (Note: Effect will only apply to one enemy at a time during an AoE basic attack.)