Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki
Gen active.png Call Storm

Max Rank
Class Aquamancer
Range 1

6 M
30 FP
Power icon.png Power --
Target icon.png Target Single
Enemy only.png Enemy
Domain Nature
Water ATK Increase +2/4/6/8/10

This skill requires a Rank D Invocation.

Creates a localized Rainstorm on the battlefield for 5 rounds. If your Rainstorm is already active, its duration is extended by 5 rounds, and it gains additional effects.

Aquae Crest: If Invoking the skill and LV 6 or higher, consumes 6 levels and refunds 3 Momentum.


This is a weather-based battlefield effect. While active, Flooded Water tiles do not lose duration when a new round occurs, and allies of the caster gain Water ATK. In addition, Aquamancer Support spells that target an ally will affect all allies instead (applies to all Aquamancers - not just the caster). The Rainstorm can also be powered up twice by casting the spell again:

  • When powered up for the first time, it will cause lightning to strike a random enemy at the start of a new round. This lightning strike deals Lightning magic damage that ignores protection equal to the caster's Lightning ATK.
  • When powered up for the second time, it will cause violent winds to kick up, causing the caster to automatically cast Vyd on a random enemy for free at the start of a new round.