Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki
Boxer.png Boxer
Type Promoted Class
Weapons Fist
Move 6

Str.png STR +2
Wil.png WIL --
Cel.png CEL --
Ski.png SKI +2
Def.png DEF +2
Res.png RES --
Vit.png VIT +2
Luc.png LUC --
Fai.png FAI --
Guil.png GUI --
Sanctity Symbol.png SAN --
Apt.png APT --

Boxing originated in a place called Bellaux, which was a territory of Chaturanga on Sigrogana before the Empire gained control of the entire continent. Bellaux still exists and is not very far from the Arena (although it isn't represented on the map at the moment). Bellaux was always interested in people fighting for sport; the Arena is just one example of this, but fists were always the original weapon of choice. They would fight in arena-like cages, hence the name Boxer.


  • X gon' give it to 'ya. He gon' give it to ya.
  • A level on 'Schwarz Sturm' is equal to 5% more damage on all Boxer skills. They take time to start, but when they reach their peak, they're unstoppable.
  • The finisher: Grandupper at LV8 'Schwarz Sturm' knocks the targeted out of battle, making them immune to damage, but acting as a 'stun', giving you a free round.
  • Will have a great performance against 'one-trick pony' enemies that rely in only one kind of attack, be it Skills/Spells or Basic Attacks, thanks to the Geist Schritt dashes.
  • Regenshauer is a great move to use against enemies with heavy DEF, the attacks will be guaranteed to go through armor and defenses.
  • Korkenzieher can be resized! You can use it as a ways of maneuvering without losing your Schwarz Sturm.


  • Insane FP costs makes them finish first and leave either themselves, their opponent or both dissatisfied.
  • They cannot combo well with other classes, since Schwarz Sturm only increases as they use Boxer skills, and any kind of non-Boxer action, be it basic hit or even movement, reduces schwarz sturm by 2.
  • Matador Stance makes Regenshauer tickle, and you, vulnerable for a giant Retaliate comeback.
  • Enemies can try to survive with healing skills or spells until your FP runs out.
  • Hybrid enemies, who can both use Autohits and Basic Hits, can easily confuse the hell out of your Geist Schritt tactics.
  • Darkness resistance can halt a Boxer from stacking up Schwarz Sturm from spamming Asura Fist.
  • Evasion/Wraithguard + High Defense = guaranteed survivability, almost all of their damage is Physical, in nature.
  • Any kind of non-targetable spell or skill can outright ignore Geist Schritt.


Requires level 20+ Martial Artist Class.

  • Win a battle while you are equipped with Boxing Gloves (can be bought from the Arena Master) on your main hand.
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