• Lewdcifer


    March 19, 2019 by Lewdcifer

    This is a test.

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  • Adamkad1

    Discord link here

    December 18, 2018 by Adamkad1

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  • Howiter1

    Major Updates

    December 13, 2018 by Howiter1


    So as you may or may not noticed, I had made some major updates to the wiki with some edits and a few new template boxes to make things easier to navigate.

    I had also seperated some pages, and joined together a few pages, due to them either not being nessisary being there, or they require an entirely differnet article to be covered more in-depth, such as Sigrogana as a continent and the political entity that is the Empire.

    If you got any questions or need me to do anything, just leave a message here or PM me on Discord, Coffeeccubus#8008.

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  • C2seesyoutoo

    AHHHHHHHH- I have updated most of the tiny important parts of 1.82 to 1.88 since I had the time. Follow Wiki activies to stalk my work and correct it if you want to.

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  • Skullcatron

    The Monk's abilities, and Void Assassins' abilities had been updated.

    The Monk's description, and it's damage values had've been adapted.

    The Void Assassins' abilities, and it's damage value had been updated.

    This is note to all players who've looked up Monk, or Void Assassin in past weeks. Please re-read, and confirm that information is correct. Enjoy your days.

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  • Skullcatron

    Lack of wiki-editors

    September 17, 2017 by Skullcatron

    There is big decline of loving, and wiki-editors who cares about working things up. So I'm struggling on trying to get everything going together. If you have found any mis-informations, or something, and you know how to edit. I would love you to do so, but if you can't figure out how to edit. Just inform someone in discord, or just tell one of us about what you found wrong. And we'll try our best to remedy the situation.

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  • Koonie

    I'm the best.

    December 1, 2016 by Koonie

    Yes, you saw it. I'm the best. This is all about me and my big ego.

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  • Ryu-Kazuki

    Cleaning up the wiki.

    February 13, 2015 by Ryu-Kazuki

    It's been a while now, and a lot of things haven't been added to the wiki. So I figure soon (and I've already started), I'm going to be adding the missing things in the classes, and reorganizing a little bit to make skill templates a bit more user / information friendly. I might also slap on the race icons and each individual skill icon just to make it a little more immerse with the game. This is the wiki for the game after all!

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  • Renderp

    Class Reports

    October 1, 2014 by Renderp

    With the recent fun idea of adding to the wikia, I've decided I'll be taking up the front that Alicia left.

    Currently I've added the Arbalest, Engineer, and Void Assassin new skills. I'll be making edits to old class skills with the recent changes to < some > of them after I get the new skills put in.  This'll be an on going effort, thanks for your patience in the mean time!

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  • Renderp

    Adding to the Wikia

    October 1, 2014 by Renderp

    Currently adding to the wikia the new skills and fixing errors whenever I can.

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  • Planetary Destruction

    Since Summer started and I don't have a superfluous amount of work on my plate (hah, that's a lie), I decided to work on the Wiki a little. I'll also be copying Alicia because I'm lame.

    Aside from adding in some extra Dev-provided lore to some of the city-states of all continents and some areas, I also added in Chinotoa recently and fixed a few typos here and there. I'm not sure how actively I'll be helping out with the Wiki, but if I can, I will, somehow.

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  • Alicia Jewel

    With the completion of the Arbalest, Magic Gunner, Lantern Bearer, Void Assassin, and Engineer skills, I have completed all of the skill pages for the promoted classes I have unlocked. (I also finished polishing up the racial skills pages.) For Ghost, Kensei, and Monk, I can either unlock the classes myself or get some help from someone who already has them unlocked. If you're reading this and want to help, you can either make the pages yourself (the templates are in my previous blog post, and you can use the other skill pages as templates), or you can leave a comment here or PM me on NEUS Projects with the information I need for the class skills. (Screenshots work best since I know they'll be error-free except for any Dev-made errors.)

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  • Alicia Jewel

    Figured I might as well keep track of what I'm doing here and make note of what I plan to do next.

    After two days of work, all base class, Black Knight, and Evoker skills have been added to the wiki. The templates for Black Knight and Evoker skills have also been made, and I plan to do the templates for the other classes I have unlocked, as well. (If I remember correctly, those would include Arbalest, Magic Gunner, Lantern Bearer, Void Assassin, and Engineer.) Before I add the other promo class skills, though, I plan to add racial skill templates (won't be hard--just have to modify the current class skill templates a bit) and adjust the racial skills pages to look more like the class skill pages. I'll also probably add categories for each r…

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  • ZTacklerz

    New Promo: Devourer

    December 10, 2013 by ZTacklerz

    The Devourer is a subsidiary/promotion class of the Summoner.

    The devourer class is obtained by playing as a summoner, and using install three times in a battle. You must also lose atleast one youkai in that same battle.

    Sometimes, things go to far. Summoners delve deep into the darker arts of summoning in an attempt to gain power. This often involves consuming there youkai into themselves, giving them an immense buff among other things, but it is not without side-effects..

    The Devourer would be extremely special-- being one of the few ways to gain faith, and the only faith growth class. Its other growths wouldnt be as spectacular however, but very balanced.


    WIL: 20%



    RES: 15%

    VIT: 0%

    FAI: 10%

    LUC: 0%

    Youkai Mark (X/1)

    The summoner…

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  • Plunger


    November 20, 2013 by Plunger

    I'll be going on vacation to Sydney with my girlfriend, so I won't be updating the Wikia for five days.

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