Armor is the primary piece of Defensive equipment, in carries a few properties such as:

  • Armor Type (determines the general characteristics as well as its usage in certain Skills)
  • Material Type (alters the properties of the Armor)
  • Defense (reduces the amount of physical damage taken by this amount)
  • Magic Protection (reduces the amount of magical damage taken by this amount)
  • Evade (increases your chance to avoid incoming Attacks)
  • Weight (determines the penalty to your Evasion you receive for wearing this Armor, unlike Weapon Weight, this cannot be balanced by Strength.)

Armor may also have special effects such as elemental resistance, dealing damage when you are struck, increased HP or FP, etc.

Armor also has qualities which slightly improve or weaken a property of the Armor.

Armor Types:

  • Unarmored (Usually low defense armor that is lightweight)
  • Light Armor (Middle of the road armor that is typically average all-around)
  • Heavy Armor (Armor that is typically high defense and heavy)
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