Armor is the primary piece of Defensive equipment, in carries a few properties such as:

  • Armor Type: Determines the general characteristics of the torso, and its interactions with specific passives or active skills. There are three types, Unarmored, Light Armor and Heavy Armor.
  • Material: Alters the properties of your Armor, based on the material's benefits.
  • Defense ("Armor"): Reduces all physical damage taken by this amount.
  • Magic Protection ("Magic Armor") Reduces all magic damage taken by this amount.
  • Evade: Increases your base Evade and Evasion by this amount.
  • Weight: Increases the Battle Weight of your torso. (Negative numbers will NOT reduce Battle Weight. It will simply be treated as 0 instead.)

Armors have many special effects tied to it, the full list of their effects can be seen under the Armor sect in the Item Table, right here.

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