Sigrogana Legend 2 Wiki
Absolute Fear.png Absolute Fear

Max Rank
Class Kensei
Range 3

3 M
20 FP
Power icon.png Power --
Target icon.png Target Single
Enemy only.png Enemy Only
Required Kenki rank 1
Cooldown 2 rounds

Can only target an enemy affected by your Kenki. The Kensei shines an intimidating, intense gaze towards one enemy, instilling their Kenki deep in the mind of the victim. Inflicts Fear and Hesitation (LV = Rank*2 + Kenki's LV) to the target. If Kenki's LV is at least 20, it also inflicts Silence. Fear duration is X + 1, Hesitation duration is X, and Silence duration is X - 1. (X = Kenki's remaining duration, min. 1 round)